Syntallix Magnezix pin

MAGNEZIX® is based on a magnesium alloy which has the stability of a metal but which is completely degraded in the human body, and replaced by body tissue.

An implant used to treat bone issues, for example fractures or corrections of malposition, is intended to only have a temporary function, to take the load, until the bone has healed (see schematic diagram). Conventional metal implants have to be removed after the bone has healed in a second operation.

In order to actually successful provide temporary functions, MAGNEZIX® is the ideal combination of two properties:

To provide the support function it has the stability of a metal, which combined with a slow process of degradation which means no second operation is required.

The biomechanical properties of MAGNEZIX® are very similar to those of human bone, which also helps promote the healing process. The combination of these properties means MAGNEZIX® has significant advantages over other resorbable implant materials available to date. Please check the brochure for more info.

Magnezix CS 4.8 CS 3.2 CS 2.7 CS 2.0

The use of MAGNEZIX® compression screws means no second operation is necessary to remove any pieces of metal. This removes a major burden from you as a patient, it also minimizes the risk and means you can quickly get back to everyday life.


  • is metal and bio absorbable
  • promotes bone formation
  • has infection inhibiting properties
  • harmonizes with the bone’s mechanical properties
  • is outstandingly suited for X-ray, MRT and CT diagnostics
  • is the first authorized magnesium-based implant material worldwide

In addition to these outstanding advantages for THE patient, waiving that second operation to remove metal pieces also means a significant reduction in financial costs for the health system.