Royal Hip Spacer

Royal Hip spacer® Hip is a temporary implant specially dedicated to the replacement of infected hip prosthesis during “two-stage” surgical procedures. The spacer is composed of gentamicin-loaded bone cement reinforced with a stainless-steel endoskeleton. The local antibiotic release into the surrounding tissues contributes to the infection treatment. Its shape, similar to a Monobloc hip prosthesis, allows maintenance of the joint space.

The Royal Hip spacer® may be inserted by all surgical approaches.

  • After removal of the infected prosthesis, carefully prepare the bone stock, eliminate the residues and any old cement fragments.
  • High pressure washing the surgical site with ringer or saline solution.
  • Use templates to select the corresponding size of the spacer.
  • Set up the Royal Hip spacer® chosen into the diaphyseal canal of the femur.
  • Position the head within the acetabular cavity.

In case of spacer instability, a proximal cementation can be performed.
Post Operative:
Patient is rapidly able to ambulate with partial weight-bearing (two crutches are necessary to move)
Muscular work is advised between the “two-stage” to avoid the amyotrophic.


  • Adaptable
  • Strong
  • Effective Antibiotic Release
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable

CE : 0499
Class : III