Chondrotissue is a stem cells based product used for regeneration of damaged knee cartilage by one step arthroscopic procedure based on matrix induced chondrogenesis technique.

chondrotissue® is a one-step, CE marked, cell-free implant used to treat articular cartilage defects in the knee, ankle or hip. It uses the biological potential of stem cells to restore damaged cartilage tissue in the joints.

Articular cartilage cannot regenerate itself. Once damaged, the result is pain and loss of function. Treatment is absolutely essential to prevent deterioration in conditions such as joint disease.

chondrotissue® combines established orthopedic techniques with the most innovative advanced technologies. It uses the natural potential of mesenchymal stem cells to treat damaged cartilage tissue.

Stem cells are obtained by performing standard marrow stimulating procedures, such as microfracturing or Pridie drilling. Thanks to its components, chondrotissue® provides an ideal three-dimensional but stable environment which stimulates the stem cells to migrate and differentiate.

chondrotissue® is implanted into the defective cartilage by mini-open or keyhole procedure.