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Chondrosteo: Flash (40 capsules)

Chondrosteo flash is a food supplement that help joint pain. The poor joint function (for example; knees, hips, back, ankles, shoulders and wrists) can be observed at different periods of life, especially with age, playing sports, seasonal changes or a bad posture. Unpleasant sensations settle or recur at times more intensely and for a limited period.

The active ingredients act as an anti-inflammatory, similar effect of NSAIDs, for both acute and chronic phases. All ingredients help to promote flexibility and improve joint mobility.

Chondrostéo  Flash is an innovative formula developed by the Laboratory for Granions help you retain the flexibility of your joints.

The four active ingredients are:

MANGOSELECT (Mangosteen)

  • Tropical fruit from South Asia, with many virtues
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Production and activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes and of free radicals
  • Reduces muscle pain


  • Plant of the South Africa desert, traditionally used to maintain the proper operation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Has analgesic effects
  • Reduces arthritic pain

BOSWELLIA (Frankincense)

  • Plant of south Africa
  • Potential anti-inflammatory
  • Inhibit 2 pro-inflammatory enzymes (5-lipoxygense and Human Leukocyte Elastase)
  • Reduces joint pain while increases mobility


  • essential trace element contribute in maintenance of connective tissues which include cartilage.
  • Stimulates brain
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Boosts immunity and energy
  • Assists in reducing symptoms of arthritis
  • Protects the sheath surrounding the nerves
  • Helps in absorption of iron and red blood cells formation
  • Maintain hair pigmentation, skin and eye colour
  • Essential for normal growth and health




Daily intake of comprehensive formula, with patented ingredients:

  • Mangoselect – 600mg (Effective in 5 days)
    Active Ingredient: Xanthones
  • Haragophytun – 400mg (Effective in 10 days)
    Active Ingredient: Harpagosides
  • Boswellia – 150mg (Effective in 10 days)
    Active ingredient: Boswellic Acids
  • Copper – 150µg
    Has anti-inflammatory properties

Synergy of four anti-inflammatory ingredients = REDUCTION of INFLAMMATION and PAIN

Directions for use:

  • 2 capsules in the morning during breakfast with a full glass of water and 2 capsules in the evening over dinner with a glass of water.
  • 10 days program
  • After 10 days of use, the does may be reduced to 2 capsules in the morning for 20 days.

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