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Food Supplements

We believe that finding the best products and prices ensures a good quality of life of the individual and society. We bring the very best natural products that supports your health, derived from plants that capture all the vibrant goodness of nature. The combination of the natural ingredients creates a formula that supports the nutritional benefits of what the body needs.

Our supplements are truly the next generation to complement and support your health. With the essential and necessary ingredients, we deliver a healthy lifestyle to your everyday life for an optimal wellbeing.

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Medical Products

Our medical devices hold a competitive advantage while developing a shared understanding of healthcare goals and health technologies, especially in the orthopaedic sector. The diversity and innovativeness of the devices significantly enhance the safety, quality and efficacy of healthcare. Covering a wide range of products, the medical devices help to find solutions regarding diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment and alleviation of disease.

In orthopaedic surgeries bone cement is used to affix implants and to remodel lost bone. Our royal cement products have systemic antibiotics incorporated within the substance, which provides the best prophylaxis against postoperative infection.

Life expectancy and the growing population of the elderly have been increasing, therefore the medical device and bone cement market is expected to see positive growth for the future.

We ensure correct product procedure and labelling to our medical devices and bone cement. All royal medical products have the CE mark.

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